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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rock Band and blueberries


I still can't get over that everyone speaks English. I am constantly surprised. It's so nice to listen in the people's conversations. I missed that.

Jared and I are having a super fun time visiting him family in S.C. Today we played ROCK BAND, picked blueberries and went swimming. I'm thinking that I should have been a rock band singer instead of an artist. I'm definitely addicted to this game. Who knew I could sing Sting or Beastie Boys so well. In a moment we're off to see the new Batman Movie. The good life continues.

We picked 4.5 lbs of blueberries. Making a pie on Sunday.

A very merry UN-Birthday!

Saturday evening I got a call from Julie asking if I would be at her house on Tuesday at 2 pm. Then at church on Sunday I received an invitation from her that was to some sort of event in honor of me. The details were scarce but I was supposed to dress up. All i could imagine was some sort of fancy party where we all did karaoke or something. I hadn't a clue.

Well, my friends Jeana, Tanya, Megan and Julie (mostly schemed by Julie I can imagine) threw me a Very Merry UN-Birthday party, like in Alice in Wonderland. It was so much fun. Cute little tea cakes and tea sandwiches and yummy tea. Did I mention that it was so much fun? What a perfect way to spend the last day with my friends in Switzerland. I left teary eyed and full of great memories.

Here's a pre-view. I'll post more photos later when I acquire them.

Goodbye Switzerland

Yesterday Jared and I said goodbye to Switzerland. Here are a few last photos of the glorious place. This is us walking home from Jared's work Tuesday evening. Zürich really is a beautiful city.

We were fortunate to see one last beautiful sunset.

On Monday word was in the news that the airline we were flying on went on strike. After several phone calls and many hours of worry we made it, everything on time. Here we are waiting for our second flight. We were fortunate because later that day they canceled even more flights.

Here we are somewhere over the Atlantic, I looked out the window and noticed another airplane.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hiking at Hoch Ybrig

Saturday we met up with Julie, Megan, Tanya and their families and enjoyed a nice hike at Hoch Ybrig. It was beautiful and I really felt like I was in the movie Heidi with all the cows and their bells wandering about. It's a ski resort in the winter and a great place to hike in the summer.

We started off taking the gondola up the mountain. Here are the three (all 4 yrs old) boys who love to be together. Kyler in particular is my boyfriend. I was informed by his mom (Megan) today that he'll be sad that I'm leaving Switzerland. Well I will be sad to not see Kyler around either, and all the other kids.

I just couldn't resist this little scene.

I wish these photos had sound effects so you could hear the bells of the cows clanging.

Of course Jared couldn't resist the trampoline.

The clan and their strollers.

Tanya is stylin' with her Thomas the Tank Engine backpack.


This is Dolly. She had fun posing with all of us.

Strictly ladies and gentlemen only.

After the hike we cooked up some wursts.

Julie and Jason gave us a ride in their car. They took us by the Einsiedeln monestary. It has the "claimed" oldest black Madonna. It was beautiful inside.

Last Date in Zürich

Since we don't have any food in the house we are forced to go out to eat. So we made a date of it Friday evening and made a stop at the Ferris Wheel after our yummy doner kebabs.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking"


Great views of Zürich. Too bad the wheel only went around 4 times for 8 CHF. At least we stopped at the top for a moment.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

What I'm looking forward to in the U.S.

These little characters:)