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Friday, July 21, 2006

My new hair cut

I chopped off my hair while I was in NYC. I was a bit unsure about it all. After several opinions from random people on the streets, subway and restaurants of New York, I felt a bit better. It's the first time for me getting a layered cut. Which means I have to actually do my hair.

This is after I first got it cut and felt a bit like Carol Brady from The Brady Bunch.

Someone on the street told me that I look like a rock star.

So, I think I'm ok with it.

My little piggies

These are my little, darling nephews. No Johnny is not choking Hudson, he's just trying to hold him up and is very excited about life.

I love my nephews

This is the main reason why I visit NYC.


Johnny inherited one of Grandpa Petty's traits, the love of vaccuming. He just loves to help his Mother vacuum, which I know she greatly appreciates.

New Jersey and POP

While wandering around the Garden State my sister and I got hungry. So, we chanced upon a little diner or such called Soda Pop Shop. It was retro and 80'sish and very bright. I had a grilled cheese sandwhich and they did me no wrong with the nice creamy, fake American cheese that they always use in these type of places.

Coney Island

I finally made it to Coney Island. It was crowded, hot, sticky and very dirty . It was great. I met some cool new people and went to Coney Island and saw a free concert and explored the scene.

We went on the Cyclone, similar to our very own Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk's Giant Dipper. An old (about 80 yrs old) rickity wooden rollercoaster, where you're not sure if it's going to hold up through the ride. It was a blast.

NEVER EVER EVER "Postpone Joy"

Did I mention that there was a lot of garbage?

My new friend Ty.

Scissor Sisters

Coney Island had a free concert with some awesome bands. We fought the heat and crowds for a chance to hear the Scissor Sisters play. They were an elclectic performance.

Another Chapstick buddy

Alejandro and I found out while riding the subway back from Coney Island that we just happened to have the same Burt's Bees lip balm. Found at your local drugstore.

Meeting up with Old Friends

While in NYC I visited my good friend Staci from college. She lives in Queens with her husband and cute little baby. We braved the NYC heat to see a free concert in Bryant Park.


While sitting in Bryant Park watching the concert with Staci I just happened to glance up at this building and noticed that there were a bunch of mannequins in the window. Hmmm....interesting.

New Lork (As Johnny say it)

I jetted off to New York for yet another visit. To start it off we headed to the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. My little nephew Johnny loves trains, but he also loves airplanes, so what better place to take him, on a big boat with lots of airplanes and helicopters.

"I see a helicopter."

The fastest airplane.

I mostly chased Johnny around the flight deck.

I love it when he walks around with his hand in his back pocket.

Just Sittin' on a missile

Me and NYC

The Family

My sister and her husband are planning their future. (So Lee has this look on his face because he knows that I'm taking a picture of him and he doesn't like photos, and Emma is smiling because she thinks it's funny how I like to torture him.)

Hudson is always smiling.

Jonathan, deep in thought about potato bugs and where Thomas the Tank engine is going to go next.

Sunday, July 2, 2006


So there's this contraption that a person puts on a hair dryer and apparently when you use this diffuser thingie it helps make your hair curly. Rob decided late last night that he wanted to "diffuse" his hair. He really wanted to look like Heath Ledger. I don't know why anyone would want to look like someone who is named after a candybar.

First you have to have wet hair.

Then you need a professional like Emily to diffuse.

"I want to look like Heath Ledger!"

To fully become like Heath Ledger you then need do the dance that he did in "A Knight's Tale."


I've recently taken up running again. Well, so in High School I ran track. Mile, 800m and sprint hurdles. However, I developed a bad case of shin splints so by my Junior year I switched to swimming which worked out a lot better. I missed running. So, my friend Laura said, "hey I'm doing the Angel Island Run." Well it's an 8k (~5 miles). No big deal right? The first 2 miles were up hill. That was hard. Coming down the next 3 miles weren't so bad. I ran faster than I normally would have because I was running away from an old man who was hawking lugis every 8 secs. and it made me want to throw up from the sound. I think at one point "ew gross" might have spilled from my lips. So, the faster I would run.

Jared ran the 25k. He actually ran more than he was supposed to because he took a wrong turn, but of course he came in first. "Yeah, I really haven't been running much lately, just like 10 miles or so at the most," is what Jared has to say.


See how happy we are in Tiburon, freezing, waiting for the ferry. Me, Jared, Kristine, Laura, and Steve.

Way to go guys

Hooray for the end!

This photo wasn't staged or anything.

"She'll be comin' around the mountain when she comes."

"Ah man, someone ate all the gummy bears."

Jared, aka The Flash

Just waitin' for the ferry