If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn't be. And what it wouldn't be, it would. You see?

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Got Milk?

I do! Actually I have so much that I accidentally drench my leg when I'm chatting with Finn after nursing him.

A few days ago Jared got Finn to take a bottle of milk I pumped earlier that day. He downed it! So now he gives him a bottle every evening. It's good bonding time.

Finn just loves hanging with his Dad in the evening...a very sleep Dad.

So cute when he sleeps!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Alice in Wonderland

*Live Blog*

Jared and I are currently watching the Disney version of "Alice in Wonderland." Frankly I've always thought it a very depressing movie.
1. Why would she follow a white rabbit? Not interesting and weird...beside white rabbits always scared me with their red eyes.
2. I hate cats.
3. Y'know the part when the dog sweeps away the path she's on with his nose? Well, I found that severely depressing. Now she was lost in the wilderness.
4. The big fat queen who just wants to kill everyone.
5. It's basically just about drugs. (Something I found out later on in my life.)

However she does say such things as, "How peculiar?" and "Curious." I'm going to start using these in my everyday vocabulary. If you are "curious" and think "how peculiar that Alice in using such terms," you'll know why.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Conversations with Jared

Me, "Jared, will you smell Finn's bum and let me know if he's stinky?"
Jared, sniff sniff.
Me, "So is he stinky? What does it smell like?"
Jared, "I dunno, it just smells like baby."

Me, "I can't believe Finn will be 1 month soon."
Jared, "OH FINN, you're graduating from newborness."

Me, "Are we still newlyweds?"
Jared, "We're freshlyweds:)"

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Light Sensitive

I often wake up in the early morning to see Jared sleeping with a pillow over his face. He's extremely light sensitive. If I had it my way we'd have the curtains open to let the morning sun shine in.

I think Finn shares the same sentiment as Jared.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thank goodness for a sister named Emma

As soon as we got home from the hospital my mother has been helping every second of the day. Doing laundry, burping Finn, preparing delicious dishes, buying groceries...you name it, she's done it. I don't know how people have babies without my mother's help...or their own for that matter. She even slept with Finn in her own bed getting him to sleep longer, and confirmed that yes, he is a noisy sleeper. The kid talks in his sleep. We have to put him around the corner in the bathroom/vanity area and drown out his noises with the fan. I went through a bit of separation anxiety not having him next to for the first few nights...I still jump up to check if he is breathing. And yes, Jared that was my hand on your chest last night, I still occasionally check to see if you're breathing also.

My sister Emma came out to visit last week to help out with Finn and in general get some baby time. She was there on cue ready to burp Finn or give me some rest. She also taught me several things about getting him on a good sleep schedule and the importance of swaddling.

Thank heavens for a sister who forged her way into motherhood before I did.

As a bonus she brought this little guy for lots of entertainment. I sure do wish they lived closer. My favorite part was when he was trying to pawn off his stinkiness onto Finn. Me, "Hudson, are you stinky?" Hudson, "noooo, I think maybe it's baby Finn:)" Nice try kiddo.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dad's b-day

Today was my Dad's birthday. So naturally I made his favorite jello salad.

Dad on top of Ayer's Rock in Australia. Summer, 2001

Dad's Birthday Jello
1 #2 can crushed pineapple
1 1/2 cup pineapple juice and water
1 package lemon jello
~ 1 Cup of grated carrots
1/2 cup sugar
1/4 tsp salt
2 Tablespoons lemon juice
1 cup whipping cream

Drain pineapple. Add enough water to juice to make 1 1/2 cups. Heat to boil. Add 1 package lemon jello. Stir until dissolved. Add sugar, salt, lemon juice. Chill till thickened. Add pineapple and grated carrot and whipped cream. (You whip the cream and then gently fold it into the chilled but not too set jello mixture). Fold pineapple and the whipped cream into the gelatin. Pour into 8-inch mold or dish.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Finn's blessing

Today Phineas was blessed.
It was the longest day of the year.
My Father's favorite day.
Jared's first Father's Day as a Father.
It was a glorious day.

Finn meets family and friends

Uncle Sam

Great Grandmother


Grandfather Dean and Wanda

Aunt Krista

Uncle Josh

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

2 Years!

I can't believe how fast 2 years went by. Jared and I were looking at our honeymoon photos last night reminiscing. Ah yes, it would be nice to be on a honeymoon right now. Yes, I know what you're all thinking, "you guys had a year long honeymoon in Switzerland." True, but now Jared has been working so hard lately and we are both sleep deprived that a honeymoon sounds so wonderful.

I woke up this morning (for the 4th time) at 8:30 to feed Finn and was sad that I didn't see Jared around. He always says goodbye and kisses me before he leaves for work. I was hoping that maybe he just went to the gym later than usual.

As I was sitting there, feeding Finn and wondering how I could get some food into my super hungry belly, my incredibly sweet lovey walked in with breakfast from Hobees. He had stopped off after working out to get me an omelet and their notorious blueberry coffee cake. My savior. How did he know? Well, we've known each other a long time (6 years) and I'd like to think that we know each other pretty well by now:)

I am more in love than ever. I couldn't possibly think that I could love Jared more now than I did the day we got married, but sometimes I just look at him and cry because I'm overwhelmed with the feeling of love for him! I could make a list of all the amazing things he is and does...but I don't think the Google server could handle that much information.

Funny story about the helicopter photo. We could only hear each other and everyone else, right before we took off I said to Jared, "in case we crash I totally love you." Well, everyone else in the helicopter laughed. I forgot they could hear.

Now we are 2 years later and +1. I think Finn is wonderful addition to our family.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Finn's Faces

These are just a few of Finn's hilarious looks. I took them with my camera phone so they're not the best quality.

"I didn't just make that sound in my pants."

"I'm loving life."

"I'm a little suspicious."

Happy Boy!

Just plain cute!

Hanging by a thread

Remember our laptop? Well, the cord doesn't really work and it has trouble charging. (It must have been that incident with the garbage can in Salzburg.) Jared taped it in just the right position to charge it. He finally got on ebay this morning and bought a new cord. HOORAY! However, we do have a new one coming in the mail:) Yup, we held out just in time because they dropped in price this week and we got to use our friends discount who works at Apple!


Yes, we'll all a little sleep deprived.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

11th Day Stats

Finn is 11 days old today. He had his 2nd Dr.'s appt.

He is now 9 lbs 6 oz. A week ago he was 8 lbs 2 oz. Yup, he gained 20 oz in 1 week. And that was after a nap, he had not been fed in a couple of hours.

First Family Photo

Monday, June 8, 2009


Do these stripes make me look fat?

This is what's been going on with Finn.

Interacting with Dad.

Napping with Mom.

Meeting cousin Eric.

Hanging out with Grandma

Sleeping on Grandma


Peeking at the world

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Friday, June 5, 2009

Baby comes home!

*WARNING - this blog has been taken over by the cutest baby ever.

Finn came home on Wednesday and this is what he has been up to.

Sleeping...wishing it were more at night.

Observing our every move...he is very alert and moves around just as much as he did in the womb, which was A LOT! up until the end!

Learning his animal sounds from Dad. He's pointing to dogs that go, "ruff ruff ruff."

*One of my favorite baby books by Sandra Boynton "Moo, Baa, La La La."

Sleeping on grandma.

Cooking with Grandma. Thank goodness for Grandma!