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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Chopstick challenge

My freshman year of college some guys I knew challenged me to eat with chopsticks for an entire month. EVERY MEAL! Now, cereal was definitely a challenge. Anyhow, I did it.

I thought it would be fun to dare Jared to eat dinner with only chopsticks for an entire month. He took me on.

It's actually really nice. We eat slower, rather than shoveling the food into our mouths and enjoy more conversation.

Day one: Feb. 25th = SUCCESS!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

White Daisies

What do you do when your husband brings you home these gorgeous white Gerbera Daisies...

but after a few days they still look good but are sad?

You take some of those cute little vases you've been collecting, snip the stems shorter and scatter them throughout the house!

Jeff came to town

Jared's old roommate from Stanford and good friend of ours Jeff came up for a visit from L.A. last weekend. It was fun to see him since it's been since our wedding.

We had Indian (since I can still eat spicy;) and frozen yogurt...the good kind.

If I didn't already have so many swimsuits

I would get this if I didn't already have so many swimsuits...or I could and it would be a good incentive to get my pre-baby shape back this summer. Anyhow, I swam laps yesterday and it felt so good. I felt the summer, but welcome more rain.

You can get the suit here at Urban Outfitters.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Visiting Dad

My mom came over to my side of the bay on Thursday. We wandered around and ended up visiting my Dad since we were in the area.

I'm still avoiding maternity tops. The sweater was designed by my friend Amanda who works for Banana Republic.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Trying to still look hip while pregnant

I'm still in denial about wearing some maternity clothes. It's also hard to still look great while pregnant and not feel frumpy. Dress is from Anthropology and the shirt is a Faconnable that I've had forever.

Sunday Breakfast

We now have afternoon church so I've had time to make breakfast, (my favorite meal of the day.) I made these raspberry scones which were soooo good, they had lemon zest (I always add more than the recipe calls for) and almond extract. Even Jared who doesn't like scones LOVED THEM! I was overjoyed when he asked after church if there were any left.

Aorta Day and other such things.

Who needs Aorta Day when I get cute love notes like this left for me randomly in the morning? Not to mention flowers brought home from work often. We don't need a special day dedicated to love. Especially since our year in Switzerland felt like one long V-day/honeymoon. We still have that love, just without so much traveling (and rain.)

Jared and I took a trip to Whole Foods for dinner like we did a few years ago. A wide selection of yummy food that you get to take home and not have to deal with the the V-day madness of icky pink hearts.

Then we came home to watch Bullitt and I made chocolate lava cake. (I suggest adding a bit more flour to the recipe though and cook longer. Even in my extra hot oven I added a few minutes and it wasn't enough.)

Amanda came over to watch the best car chase scene ever movie.

And of course Jared liked the cake...it had lots of chocolate for my chocoholic husband:)

Monday, February 9, 2009

30 is the new 25

I wasn't too wild about the idea of turning 30. I'm also tired of people telling me that your 30's are the best time of your life. Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news to all you people who are just fooling yourself, that the 20's are the prime.

I've decided that I had some good times in my 20's. I got a BA in Visual Arts, survived a crazy car crash where my car flipped in the air 3 times. I've done several triathlons, swam from Alcatraz twice and traveled all over the world (which won't end) to Australia, New Zealand, Tonga, France, England, Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya, Zanzibar, Croatia, Czech Republic, Italy, Austria, Germany and lived a year in Switzerland. Plus I've climbed Kilimanjaro. There are still many countries and states to visit. I still haven't bungee jumped down Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. Most importantly I met my love in my 20's who I am so happy to share the rest of my life and beyond with.

Anyhow, Jared threw me a nice party with YELLOW, AQUA and stars. I didn't get many shots because I was enjoying the company of some close friends.

I blew out all 30

Yesterday on my actual birthday we went to my mom's house and she cooked a delicious dinner. Some of my family and long time friends came. Yet, again I was enjoying the evening and didn't get many shots taken. It's hard to believe that it was a year ago that Jared and I were spending my birthday in Venice.

Here I am in a dress Jared bought me for my birthday. Nope, it's not a maternity dress. I am now 24 weeks along and the little guy is a kicker and a puncher, sometimes at the same time.

My cousin Daisy who is always entertaining.

I got all 30 in one breath.

A delicious lemon layer cake made by my Aunt Rachelle. Oh it was delicious.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


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