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Friday, September 25, 2009

Propped up Finn

There's just something that I find so cute and funny about propping up this little guy who can't sit up on his own yet. He gets a kick out of it too!

"Hello mother:)"

"This is sooo exciting!"

Staring at his favorite pillow on the couch.

"Wait mom, seriously I'm gonna fall."

Just chillin'.


kt said...

Finn is so cute! Keep up the blogging :)

Kristen Duke Photography said...

Agreed, they just look like big kids when they are propped up...and their helpless face as they are falling over is adorably cute.

katie k said...

thanks for teaching me how to oven dry tomatoes! how do you store them, and for how long?

and I totally make pasta sauce like that, which I love. sometimes put a bit of brown sugar...

and fin looks so cute propped on that couch!