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Friday, September 25, 2009

Oven dried tomatoes

Remember how I had all of those tomatoes from my mother's garden? Well, I had already made tomato sauce a few weeks earlier with a bunch and had some stocked up in the freezer, and I really don't have much time to cook nowadays. So I decided to oven dry them.

Then for dinner the next night I made this. And OH MAN WAS IT GOOD! I'm going to go eat some more right now for dinner tonight. Well, you can't go wrong with wine and cream...I omitted the lemon this time which I usually add to pasta sauces.

Oven dried tomato, basil and toasted garlic spaghetti:

-oven dried tomatoes drizzled in olive oil on 200° F for 8-10 hours.
-saute whole garlic cloves in olive oil until they're browned
-chop fresh basil
-cook spaghetti and drain
-in spaghetti pan poor in some white wine and cream (you choose on proportions)
-salt and pepper
-simmer for a bit
-add tomatoes
-add basil
-add spaghetti
-cover for like 10 mins and let the flavors fuse.
-it'll be better the second day as is often the case with tomato sauces!


Jenny said...

will you please cook during Christmas? i am hungry just looking!

mer said...

Oh, I am TOTALLY going to make this! Looks soooo good!!!

Katie said...

Yummy! I'm so hungry!

Letterpress said...

Sounds yummy, and I'm hoping it's just as good without the wine and cream--don't keep either around here. I've been adding sloshes of pasta water to my pastas to keep them moist (save about a cupful before draining). I picked up that tip when in my cooking lesson in Italy. A little grated cheese, a slosh of water and I'm good.

Liz Galvin said...

My mouth is watering! That sounds really good!

Kristen Duke Photography said...

8-10 hours, WOW! I do enjoy sun dried tomatoes, same effect, I assume. You are much more anventurous in your cooking than I.

Staci said...

Sweet. I'm gonna try that- you're inspiring! I made fresh pesto bc of your blog entry later on- and I cited you on my blog. Thanks Al!

Staci said...

Do the tomatoes taste like sun dried tomatoes? I'm asking bc they look good, but I don't like the taste of sun dried tomatoes in great amounts.

Cristy said...

Thanks for the drying tomatoes idea! I am running out of things to make with my masses of tomatoes I keep reaping from my garden!

The Bec-ster said...

Wow, that looks good! I was just wondering about dried tomatoes...did you put anything besides oil on them before you dried them?