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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Finn makes me laugh

I am so in love with this kid. He makes me laugh many times a day. After I change his diaper I always set him in the crib to go wash my hands...sometimes I hear him giggling in the crib by himself. It's hilarious. He also thinks changing his diaper or is clothes is a game and is always laughing...even when I'm trying to put him to bed and calm him down he's totally cracking up and flipping over. I have a large painting just sitting on the dresser behind the changing pad and Finn has figured out how to pull it on my head and of course...laughs. I need to get that painting hung:)


Emma said...

better slap happy than mad, I guess, though I'm sorry he refuses to take daytime naps. this video cracks me up---he's getting too big, too fast. love, love, love the giggles!

RC Cola said...


CSL said...

Love 'em, can't do with 'em!